Think Like a Great Investor

The Great Investor

A Great Investor has a different perspective than the average citizen.

He thinks differently about the things he buys, the things his friends buy and the things everyone else buys. He knows where the money goes.

Each time you buy Coca-Cola, not only Warren Buffet earns from you.

Each time you buy an iPhone or an Apple product, not only the managers at Silicon Valley earn from you.

If you’ve ever taken out a student loan or a mortgage from a bank like Deutsche Bank, you didn’t send money only to the managers of this bank.

The great investor knows, that every time someone does one of these buying actions, or any other buying actions we do on our daily lives and don’t pay too much attention to- usually a portion of that money can come back in the form of a dividend.

Rich men and women know this. They take advantage of it, and make more money out of this knowledge.

That’s why they formed themselves a habit- a significant amount of their income is directed to acquire stocks of the things they and their friends and the public like – so whenever someone buys one of those things, they will crop their share.

Think about it… It does give some satisfaction knowing that you earn from everyone else’s purchasing. The understanding that by buying a stock you acquire ownership of that company, and that you earn whenever the company earns- It will change the way you look at investing.

So make a decision, define your priorities – respect every dollar that flows through your hands, and decide how you want to put it to work – become that Great Investor.


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